About Dan Horwich, President, CAMP IT Conferences

As VP of Sales and Marketing at several tech companies we were active participants in CAMP IT. Every interaction that our teams had directly with Dan was top level. He was extremely diligent in his communication, outlined the benefits to CAMP IT and delivering on his commitments. We will continue to work with Dan and Team as opportunities present themselves, and that will be because of Dan.

Darren Blank, Senior Leadership: Cybersecurity Sales & Marketing + Mountaineer

Dan has been a pleasure to work with. I have partnered with Dan for many CampIT events, as a customer and a speaker.


Dan has worked with myself and my companies to help identify training opportunities and has been very partnering and helpful.

Brian Palmer, Director of Infrastructure at American Hotel Register Company

I have known Dan for a long time and am a big fan of CampIT. It is a great event that brings together IT professionals to share their experience which can be used the next day! Thank you for continuing to bring these events to us.

Sergey Chernov, Director, Global IT Delivery, Hollister

Having the Dan own CAMP IT is incredible… I love what Dan provides and how it is presented from being a vendor to a participant its an incredible offering. Dan thank you for what you do as well as what you offer to keep me educated in key areas…

Angela Pinnello, Radiant Logic – New York- New Jersey and Chicago Office

Dan is a man of faith, family values, relationships, integrity and hard work. Dan, his family, and CAMP IT® offer solutions to problems for thousands of IT executives, managers, technology vendors and industry alliances. Dan respects the integrity and confidentiality of his IT executives; year over year Dan and CAMP offer new and creative topics, sponsors, speakers and themes allowing Dan’s guests to research technology and innovation, process and project solutions, collaboration, and industry networking – Dan is a pioneer to the Chicago fabric delivering results to thousands of IT executives, management and technical-staff in Chicago since 1984 and features endorsements from industry luminaries such as Bill Gates, Jim Manzi, Philippe Kahn, and well-respected journalists Jim Seymour, Jim Louderback, Sam Whitmore, John Dodge, Spencer F. Katt, Stuart Johnston, Ed Scannell, Michael Fitzgerald.

David R. Klauser, Tailored solutions across all stages of data transformation optimizing application & infrastructure speed, agility, security, analytics, and TCO.

Dan is a very energetic and professional colleague who has created a tremendous amount of value by bringing Information Technology professionals together in a learning environment. His outstanding work ethic has shown as all the CAMP-IT conferences that I have attended have been well organized, information rich, and a valuable investment of my time. Dan is honest, caring, and very professional in the manner of which he treats and communicates with both information technology and vendor representatives who are in attendance at the CAMP-IT conferences. CAMP-IT is a huge success due to Dan’s efforts.

Greg Bee, Vice President – Chief Information Security Officer, Horace Mann

I’ve attended several of Dan’s Camp IT conferences… each one better than the last. With that said, I would recommend any IT professional to attend as the information and collaboration is highly valuable. Keep up the good work Dan!

Andrew Tuttle, Sales Director, North Central at Synack, Inc.

Dan has a select blend of personal talents and capabilities that make working with him an exceptional experience. His comfortable, knowledgeable, and open-mindedness create a safe environment that can quickly get to the root of an issue. I find one his core strengths is his unique ability to leverage his wealth of contacts and industry knowledge and find a business fit on technical and cultural levels. His management skills are second to none as every conference I’ve attended has been spot on topic and flawlessly executed. His tireless work ethic makes him someone you can count on for any need. Dan can instantly energize a meeting engagement and provide action items that are immediate and impactful. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Dan; he is a stand-out leader.

Philip Bierdz, Manager, Infrastructure, Riverside Medical Center

Dan has the keen ability to pull from many different IT resources to give a full perspective on a topic. I spoke on VDI from an Educational Technology perspective but there were speakers from Public and Private sectors who were able to give their perspective as well. After the presentations many attendees were eager about the prospects and thankful for the honest opinions and insight. If it wasn’t for Dan having the skills to pool these resources to give accurate perspectives CampIT would not be a worthy resource. Working with Dan was easy and the leadership he provided was great and I look forward to future opportunities CampIT provides.

Ben Bayle, Chief Technology Officer

I met Dan thru Camp IT. Not only are the conferences well organized with relevant technologies, but Dan provides his personal touch in introducing fellow professionals that he thinks may have similar interests and concerns. He has helped growing companies such as ours to share our successes, and to get to the next level. Thanks Dan for all your support.

Lucy Bishop, Scrum Master, Project or Program Management, CSM, PMP, CSQA, CSQE

I’ve known Dan for years through Camp IT. His organizations run excellent seminars that are always informative and well worth the time commitment. I find Dan to be very professional and personable and a great person to know.

Stephen Bauer, Senior Director of IT, Bible League International

Dan’s CAMP IT Conferences continue to provide my team with strategies and tactics that help them tackle tough challenges and grow professionally. Each of the conferences feature speakers from IT departments sharing what has worked and pitfalls to avoid. We find this to be invaluable. I would highly recommend taking a day out of the office to learn and grow through the format that CAMP IT provides.

Paul Quaglia, Vice President of Information Technology, SAC Wireless

I have met Dan on/off at various Camp IT conferences, and have gotten to know him along the way. Dan is very conscientious of these conferences – striving to provide the best possible experience for attendees. These conferences not only allow attendees the ability to network with other professions, but they also provide varying degrees of information through presentations and panel discussions. I would highly recommend others to attend Camp IT – to learn or present their experiences. Dan, and his staff, are not only friendly and professional, but also very accommodating.

Veronica Orlando, CISA, CCSFP

Dan creates great environments for IT professionals to learn from one another as well as providing external leadership opportunities for the IT Camp presenters. He is knowledgeable of industry needs, local leaders and provides a comfortable presentation environment for first time presenters to experienced presenters. His focus on delivering business value to the attendees makes sure that both presenters and attendees benefit from the events he organizes.

Leslie Borders

Dan is the head of the most organized technical training company I have ever been involved with. Great topics, and presentations. Never allows the benders at the classes to make a sales pitch during the class. I have enjoyed ever class I have attended from CampIT, and will keep returning.

John Rehling, Retired, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

CAMPIT is one of the leading IT conferences in our area. Dan and his team put together a dynamic program, filled with the top speakers from our industry, talking about real life situations. Whether it’s Infrastructure and Operations or Disaster Recovery, CAMPIT has a program for all levels within IT. I continue to go back again and again, because the content remains relevant and topics stay fresh. Dan’s dedication to the overall improvement of our industry is clearly demonstrated through the quality of the program he puts forth. The overall experience is truly one I recommend others try.

Douglas A. Smith, Divisional Vice President -IT Service Management & Shared Services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield (HCSC)

Dan is a top-notch guy. I’ve worked with Dan as a speaker at his conferences and he’s one of the best to work with.

Content – He’s an animal about ensuring that there’s real value in the content presented. Vendor’s simply aren’t allowed to just push products.

Delivery – From a presenter’s perspective, he’s a very easy person to work with. All the details of microphone, projection, laptop, etc are always handled with ready backups in case anything fails. It’s easier to be an effective presenter when things go so smoothly.

Value – It takes quite a bit of up front effort to be able to speak at one of Dan’s conferences, but the investment is well worth it for both the attendees (Dan makes sure we provide real value) and for the vendors (Dan’s conferences bring very high quality, targeted attendees).

Joe Skehan, Experienced Product Leader

Dan exemplifies what it means to truly be a professional. He is passionate about Information Technology and his support of all of IT professionals via CampIT is invaluable. The information I have been able to obtain through CampIT has made me a better consultant, has brought value to my customers and has given me an unparalleled opportunity to learn and communicate with my peer groups throughout the industry.

I find Dan to be a leader, a listener and a coach – characteristics that in and of themselves are remarkable, let alone combined, make Dan an industry leader. I highly recommend attending the CampIT conferences and getting to know Dan, his desire to educate and integrate us with each other is unparalleled.

Dean Sharp, CTO – Independent consultant at Lakeside Information Systems (formerly Lakeside Marketing)

I met Dan at CAMP IT the first year they launched (many years back). I have found CAMP IT to be the best place to bring needs of customers together with technology providers. Over the years, added value has been provided in CAMP IT having events for specific vertical needs to assure the best time spent and value received from his shows. I have brought great and large partnerships together via CAMP IT and recommend everyone (Customers and Vendors) to attend the shows to address and obtain information needed for current or upcoming needs. Great information gathering and sharing. (Or to get the company name and technology out to market). Great work Dan! Keep it up!

Chad Whalen, Territory Manager, Veeam Software

We started going to Camp IT events in 2011. Since then, we have not only had great success in meeting new clients, but have grown a very professional and close relationship with Dan as well. As a result of just two CAMP IT (Fall 2011) events we have been able to meet with director level contacts in over 20 different large enterprise corporations within a month. By having our architect speak, we have instant credibility and have been able to engage these net new clients on a huge variety of projects. The value that CAMP IT provides our business is tremendous, and we will continue to attend CAMP IT events and fill our sales pipeline with ease.

Zach Rothstein, Regional Vice President, Enterprise Sales, DocuSign

I recently had the pleasure of attending my first CampIT conference as well as the honor of speaking at the event. The CampIT conferences that Dan organizes are a first class event in all regards. From a conference attendee perspective, I was presented with an excellent lineup of speakers covering a broad range of topics all perfectly aligning to the overall theme of the event (desktop virtualization). From a sponsor and speaker perspective, I was given the opportunity to speak to a room packed with IT executives. Having engaged in many marketing activities in the past, I cannot stress enough how impressive it is that Dan is able to consistently fill a room with such a quality audience. I look forward to attending more CampIT events in the future and speaking again if I should get the opportunity.

Chris DeMichael, Chief Architect /Security Officer, RKON Technologies

I have known Dan for over 5 years and was able to get my company to sponsor CAMPIT. Now five years later they still sponsor events with CAMPIT. I have built a relationship of trust and respect for Dan. He has a great reputation with his customers and vendors. Dan never over promises and goes out of his way for everyone he meets. I highly recommend Dan and CAMPIT for someone looking for a great event and person to bring into their business.

Frank DePizzo, Major Account Manager, Infoblox

Dan’s CAMP IT demonstrates year after year that it is the most relevant IT conference in the Chicago area. Dan ensures that the resources are appropriate for the topics, which allows for stimulating discussions between the panel members and the audience. The presentations are well organized and there are only vendors relative to the topics.

Ricardo Lafosse, Chief Information Security Officer, Morningstar

Dan is a master at what he does. As a manufacturer sales rep, I regularly attend many conferences of various sizes and IT security topics. None of the others come close to the Camp IT enterprise-level conferences Dan offers. His level of commitment to organization, consistent communication and follow up, and balance of supporting all attendees – sponsors, speakers, and IT professionals is unparalleled. From my perspective, our best success comes from Camp IT attendance and I want to strongly recommend Dan and Camp IT as a valuable resource in our industry.

Michele Shear, National Channel Partner Manager

Promoting thought leadership is important for Solstice and we have not found a better venue for that than CAMP Conferences. Dan and his team have a great formula for attracting great IT leaders across the country as well as great subject matter experts in the areas that matter to those leaders. 

Dan and his team have created a great environment for innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We’re proud to be a member of the CAMP community and have seen a very quantifiable ROI from every conference we have sponsored.

J Schwan, Chief Digital Officer at St. Ives PLC

I have been sponsoring Dan’s CAMP IT Conferences for years. He is truly fabulous to work with – extremely responsive, well-organized and reliable. Dan provides a vendor neutral environment with content that is fresh and relevant. All of the CAMP IT events I’ve been involved in, have been well executed due to Dan’s superb management skills. Sponsors and attendees are pleased with the results that are yielded from participating in his events.

Melissa Yvon, Senior Engagement Manager, Marketo

Dan is the consummate professional both technically and organizationallly. For the IT industry from the technical perspective, Dan keeps abreast of the technology trends and best practices and finds IT subject matter experts for each to put together current and cutting edge IT conferences. Organizationally, the IT conferences are impeccably run, with attention to every detail. In today’s a challenging economy Dan’s IT conferences are a great value.

Keith Conlee, Chief Security Officer, IT, College of DuPage

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan for the past 3 years and he is, without a doubt, one of the most compelling individuals I’ve ever run across! Dan has provided me, as well as MANY others, a platform to present our experiences (through CAMP IT) to end users from all over the country. Not only is he a very well organized person, he also has the unique ability to make all of the presenters and end users feel extremely comfortable. I know that whenever there is a CAMP IT conference it will be an impeccable event because Dan is running the show. I also feel comfortable recommending that my customers attend as many as possible because Dan makes sure the content is “spot on” and picks the right presenters to get the point across. I enjoy working with Dan and I will jump at the chance to work with him again in the future!

Ken Giden, Technical Sales Professional

Dan continues to carry on the exemplary work ethic and high-quality conferences and seminars as first provided by his father, Julian. CAMP is an invaluable resource for IT driven businesses of all sizes and configurations. CAMP provides you with ready-made, timely, topical discussions and presentations on a frequent basis at a very reasonable cost. CAMP affords you the opportunity to meet and exchange information with your technological peers in a low-pressure, educational yet convivial atmosphere. It is, in my humble opinion, hands down the best bang for the tight IT educational dollar in the greater Chicago area.

Paul Lerner, Associate Director/Systems Manager IT, McHenry County Government

Dan does a great job with the Camp-IT conferences! The conference speakers are a good blend of subject matter experts along with real world practitioners which gives attendees both an academic and a practical perspective on current IT trends and issues. Overall, Dan’s conferences are a good value all packaged up in a one day event. I have attended the conferences for many years and look forward to my continued relationship with Dan and his events.

Art Huenecke, Chief Information Officer | CIO | VP Information Technology | VP IT | Manufacturing | Non-Profit | Advisor | StrategistByteGrid

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan in conjunction with the CampIT Conferences.

Dan is an outstanding conference director. His professionalism and dedication towards CampIT, his conference attendees and vendors has ensured a productive experience. I am looking forward towards networking at future CampIT Conferences.

Raul Aguilar, Business Development Executive, ByteGrid

I have attended and spoken at many CampIT conferences over the years and I can honestly say that they are the best run and most valuable conferences in the IT industry. Much of that is thanks to the hard work and dilligence that Dan provides. In his role, Dan is part CEO, CIO and CFO, so he would be valuable to any organization as a leader regardless of industry. His attention to detail and his outstanding people skills make his package of talents somewhat unique to IT, and it is both refreshing and always a pleasure to work with Dan. I highly endorse Dan Horwich.

Bob Warja, Business Continuity, Telecom & Vendor Management

I have attended several CampIT conferences over the last 2 years. Each one provides a real-world perspective on a specific technology area of interest, a unique opportunity to interact with peers, and to speak with multiple vendors about the topic at hand in a short period of time. The sessions always provide wisdom, lessons learned from real experiences, and other areas or ideas for consideration. The topics are timely to address new or emerging technologies that are relevant to the fast-changing world of IT.

Brian Aquadro, Director of IT | IT Leader (specializing in process improvement, strategy, and transformation)

My company has attended CAMP IT for several years. We continue to participate at the event as a vendor/sponsor, because of Dan and his team.

Dan is not only a true pro, but he is also very trustworthy. He will never over promise, but will go the extra mile for his customers. I would recommend CAMP IT to any company who is looking for ways to find new sales opportunities.

Bill Amedeo, Managing Partner and Vice President of Sales, Column Information Security

I was a speaker at Dan’s Project and Portfolio Management Strategies conference on September 30, 2010. I was extremely impressed by both the caliber of speakers and the quality of attendees at CAMP IT. Dan and his staff do a great job ensuring that the roster of speakers provide topical and useful information to the attendees. Unlike other conference organizations, CAMP IT is differentiated by Dan’s painstaking efforts to ensure the audience is made up entirely (100%) of enterprise IT buyers. This format guarantees that each sponsor will meet with a targeted audience of IT buyers. I highly recommend CAMP IT as a worthwhile marketing investment for IT vendors interested in both sharing their professional insights while building their customer base.

Mark Calabrese, Driven, Dynamic & Transformational Leader with a focus on Collaboration & Action

The conference ran smoothly from beginning to end. I was impressed with the professionalism and the attention to detail. I look forward to participating again.

Corinna Malin, Contractor, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

I participated in my first CAMP IT conference recently, where I met Dan, who is the President and Executive Director of CAMP IT Conferences.

I was very favorably impressed with the event. After meeting and speaking with Dan I was able to see why. Dan knows how a conference should be put together and he pays attention to the details that make delivering a conference a success.

Guy Martino, Past Board Member / Officer at Business Resumption Planners Association Past Board Member / Officer at A.I.T.P.

I will have worked with Dan and his team on three conferences this year on behalf of my client. The experience has been excellent. They are responsive, knowledgeable and very service-oriented. I highly recommend working with CAMP IT.

Heidi O’Gorman, Marketing Consultant to Professional Services Firms

Dan is a seasoned IT professional with great expertise in IT solutions delivery. I have attended the CampIT technology training sessions organized by Dan and his team twice and I strongly these trainings to every IT and non IT professional.

Oscar Ukpere, Director, Information Technology Audit, KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation

Dan Horwich runs a very professional organization. We have exhibited at CAMP IT the past two years and the venue, speakers and audience are all top notch. We look forward to working with Dan and his team this coming DEC 2010 and for many years to come.

Dave Piech, Sales & Marketing, Solve

Dan is a natural perfectionist, the CAMPIT conference’s organization, logistics, venue and attention to little details is impeccable. I recently presented at one of the conferences and was extremely impressed. The quality of presenters and topic selection was also very impressive. I highly recommend CAMP IT Conferences.

Elias Khnaser, Research Director, Gartner

I had the good fortune of working with Dan for several years and continue to engage with him even though we’ve gone onto new opportunities. The reason is that Dan is a super individual with a great talent for connecting with people. He has a unique ability to quickly find common-ground in a relationship and is able to leverage that for mutual success. One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Dan was seeing how he always went the extra mile to make a customer/colleague feel important. He genuinely cares for people and it shows in the outcomes of his engagements.

Jim Cox, Builder of World Class Sales Teams, SaaS – Cybersecurity Focus

When you attend your first CAMP IT session—either as a sponsor or as an attendee—you’ll immediately know that there isn’t a more dedicated and conscientious conference producer than Dan Horwich. Dan clearly takes his role very seriously, selecting topics that resonate with today’s top challenges facing IT leadership, coaching speakers to help them deliver outstanding presentations, and crafting panels that represent an array of diverse viewpoints. I can recommend Dan without hesitation!

Steve Susina, Director of Marketing, RevenueWell

I recently presented at a VDI CAMP IT Conference held by Dan. I was truly impressed with this event – the quality of the attendees, venue, logistics, and event as a whole. Coming from Forrester Research, I have spoken at hundreds of smaller, regional events. I must say that Dan’s CAMP IT event stood out as a great place for IT pros to network and get the information they need to be successful.

Natalie Lambert, Vice President of Marketing, Sapho

Dan has always gone out of his way to be helpful and informative.

George Kurylak, Oracle Database Administrator | Banner Database Administration | Performance | Backup & Restore | Tuning | Security

As having the recent opportunity to speak at the 2010 Risk Management GRC CampIT conference hosted by Dan and his staff, I recommend Dan and CampIT events to all who want to learn and take away real world experiences that can be applied in their specific discipline and lines of business. The sessions were well put together, professional and focused on topics presented.

Drake Cody, AVP of Security Operations

Dan is a consummate professional. He is diligent and works towards developing “Win Win” business relationships with his customers and vendors. And he is very successful in achieving these goals and I look forward to working with him on future events.

Ted Powers, Sr. Account Manager – Enterprise Asset Management, Global Solutions at Infor

Over the last 2 years I have attended several CAMPIT Conferences on Project & Portfolio Management and found them to be very informative. Dan’s professional and collaborative style enables him to enlist all levels of IT personnel to be speakers and provide content. This “real world knowledge sharing” approach creates a value added experience.

Randy Wimmer, IT Program/Portfolio Manager, Walgreens

Through his Camp IT conferences, Dan provides an avenue to I.T. professionals at all levels that is both valuable and professionally administered. The content he provides and the frequency by which it is provided reflect on Dan’s understanding of the needs of the I.T. community and his reach to those subject matter experts who can satisfy those needs.

John Phillips, Executive Vice President, CIO, Briggs Healthcare
Executive Vice President, COO, Briggs Homecare

Dan has been a pleasure to work with since we started sponsoring Camp IT event’s last year. He has the utmost integrity and continues to bring relevant content to his user group time and time again. He has a tremendous focus on his customers by bringing subject matter experts to speak and keep his customers coming back for both cutting edge technology and best practices. The IT industry should be glad they have Dan on their side. I would encourage any IT professional to attend the Camp IT events, as Dan puts on a first class event.

Tony Blood, Managing Director, AHEAD

Dan runs one of the best IT marketing events a reseller can use. Not only are the events useful to you as a sponsor but the attendees get an effective learning experience as well. Dan ensures that you are getting what you expected out of your investment and I really respect that!

Christos Zafiropoulos, IT Solutions, Technology Products and Peace of Mind! Storage,Virtualization, Backup and Recovery, Cloud and more

I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2009 CampIT Conferences event on Business Intelligence Performance Management Strategies. Dan is an entrepreneur who has done an incredible job in creating a brand called CampIT Conferences. I was impressed with his professionalism and the way the conference was executed. Dan is a dedicated executive who strives to provide great value to the sponsors and attendees of CampIT Conferences. I highly recommend a CampIT Conferences experience as an attendee and/or a sponsor.

Manny Vohra, Enterprise Architect, Product Architect, Digital Architect, Delivery Manager, Program Manager, Client Partner

I worked with Dan for a number of years at 3Com/U.S. Robotics. We came into the company at the same time. Dan has an amazing skill at working across all levels of an organization to achieve excellent results for the customer and the company. Hard worker, and everyone enjoys working with him.

Todd Starkey, Strategic HR Advisor, The QTI Group

Dan’s CampIT conferences are a significant value to any organization that is looking to gain knowledge and expertise in the key IT operational, technology, governance & related complex issues surrounding IT today. Attendance at CampIT is high recommended.

Dean Campbell, Board Member, Technology/Computing, Strategy/Planning

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan as an opening speaker at two Camp IT events in 2008 & 2009. It is evident that Dan works hard to meet the needs of his attendees while balancing the needs of vendors and speakers, which is a difficult task. Yet, he is successful at putting together a program that consistently attracts senior level participants, while offering those supporting the program good value and results. Dan has an impressive working knowledge across several topical areas, which he applies to anticipate the needs of his constituents and select the right expertise to address them. He and his staff are great to work with, responsive and professional. I recommend Dan and his program to those who have developmental interests in the areas he serves.

Terry Doerscher, Project Portfolio Management and PMO Consultant

Dan runs a great conference. As a conference attendee you can rest assured that Dan’s conferences will be a good invest of your time and money. Same goes for the sponsors. Dan does an exceptional job of structuring the event to best serve the expectations of all involved.

Mark Price Perry, Business Driven PMO Evangelist, BOT International

Dan is one of the most professional, dedicated, and delightful people that I have had the pleasure to work with. Dan is also a person of integrity and exhibits high ethical standards. He is very passionate about his work and providing excellent service to his customers. His ability to develop and sustain lasting relationships with customers, business partners, and associates is a testament to all of his achievements.

Marissa DeAngelis, Financial Intelligence

Dan is a very focused and dedicated individual.
He delivers on his promises and is creative in solving problems.

Roger Manka, Telecommunication/Enterprise Professional

I have worked with Dan for a number of years now and I not only enjoy our conversations and strategy discussions but I also greatly appreciate his honesty and straight forward, tell it like it is, attitude. Dan works very hard, is very serious about helping and doing what’s right for his clients and is extremely professional. These are all traits which are highly valued in the IT business world. I highly recommend working with Dan and checking out his organization at Camp IT.

Michael DeVito, Technology Sales Specialist

Having only attended one CAMP IT Conference around DR and BC, I can tell you Dan is a true professional with respect to his strategy, expectation delivery, and overall attendee confidence. There were more positive comments about Dan’s conference than with any other I have ever attended. He afforded a perfect balance between vendor and consumer interactions, and made it on the consumer’s terms. Dan’s IT conferences are second to none and well worth the investment.

Shawn Wagner, Sr. Account Executive, Akamai Technologies

Dan continues to organize top level technology conferences in Chicago. Every event that I have attended had always been beneficial and allowed for personal interaction with other IT leaders. Dan is a recognized IT professional who strives to help others and I am fortunate to being able to be engaged with CampIT here in Chicago.

Sergey Chernov, Global IT Delivery, Hollister

Dan managed a technology conference with CIO level participants as well as vendor sponsors with excellent management skills, attention to detail, and great communication skills before, during, and after the conference.
Enjoy working with him.

Rod Fuess, President, Fuess Consulting Group LLC

I attended several IT conferences organized by Dan’s organization CampIT. I find Dan’s conference relevant to today’s issues and challenges that IT and businesses face. Dan proves that he can always “enlist” quality key note speakers or a good mix of senior industry practitioners for the round table discussions. The conference presenters provide a vendor neutral perspective while at the same time allow meeting with various vendors and disuses their solutions. I have to say that after each conference, I was able either to apply something directly at my work that proved to be a great value, take away some ideas or simply learn more about a particular topic. Thanks Dan for doing an awesome job!

Marcin Budzik, Director of Information Technology, Fort Dearborn Company

Dan provides a much needed service in his role at Camp IT. He does an incredible job in coordinating high quality speakers and content on very relevant topics.

Joe Agnew, Manager Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC

I have been asked to present at many seminars, conferences and trade shows over the years. By far, the best conference I have been a key note speaker at was the CAMP IT conference in Chicago. Dan pulls together a very well orchestrated event. The presentations and topics are all very well aligned, the content is relevant, and the audience is completely engaged in the day. I would highly recommend Dan, and his conference.

Brian Bakstran, Senior Vice President Global Field Marketing, Veeam Software

Dan is a brillant business owner and supplier of superb networking opportunities for IT professionals nationwide. His wide-reaching approach continues to involve informative topics and speakers who have a wealth of knowledge in the IT industry. His CAMP IT Conference is a no-nonsense, fresh alternative to the typical IT seminar, in an environment that is conducive to relationship building and information sharing . Open to new forums, Dan has made his forum appealing to all levels of professionals as well a reasonable investment to those affected by the recession. Dan is a champion of the cause and I welcome the opportunity to continue to work with him at future events and projects.

Cynthia Berry, Sr. Manager- Business Continuity (Global Information Risk Management), Adtalem Global Education

Dan is a trusted colleague that believes that continuous education is key to continuous improvement. Dan gathers the best minds available in his work and shares best practices with others at reasonable costs. My staff and I enjoy his conferences and these conferences are an opportunity to “get away” to think and to learn. What better way to spend a day.

Tom Coleman, Chief Information & Process Officer, Sloan Global Holdings

Dan is an individual who clearly is driven by driving value to those around him. One of the most approachable and helpful people in my network, Dan is always ready to share information, ideas and help.

This clearly extends to his work with CAMP IT. These conferences are filled with value, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. All the speakers are carefully screened for content that is relevant to the targeted audience. This makes for an exceptional value received.

I look forward to working with Dan in the future, as his integrity and commitment are hard to find.

Bob Zimmerman, Leadership for Product Management and Product Development teams

Dan’s innovation and connection with reality has lead him to virtually create a brand new niche all his own. The value-component of the CampIT conferences program is unparalleled. Dan provides excellent support to the first-time presenters throughout the process. This has caused me, as a presenter, to seek opportunities to return to Camp IT both to share and to gain insight from expert practitioners. I appreciate Dan’s tremendous professionalism and would recommend him for a variety of business/IT-related endeavors.

Rod Cleary, Director, Information Services – Solution Delivery & PMO

I have had the pleasure of participating in Dan’s Camp IT Events for many years as a sponsor and I have found tremendous value in the events that he puts together. His programs feature the best experts on a large variety of topics of interest to IT folks. They are well thought out and well run and produce good results for the sponsors in connecting with prospective customers. Dan himself is professional of the highest caliber always willing to help make a connection or provide some information to make you more successful. I heartily recommend working with Dan.

Kathleen Ladner, Regional Director – Central Region, SecureAuth Corporation

CAMPIT consistently presents high quality speakers and timely topics that draw IT thought leaders from all industries. Even as his audiences increase with each event, Dan always ensures an intimate setting that fosters great dialog and networking, where everyone walks away having learned something new.

Mark Phinick, Vice President of BigFix Sales and Services, HCL

Dan is the consummate professional. Through his Camp Conferences, Dan has created one of the best forums for the technology community in the Midwest. With great attention to detail and an insistence on quality, Dan delivers a win-win-win model for conference attendees, sponsors and himself. I applaud and respect Dan’s contribution to the technology community.

John Panek, B2B Marketing Strategy & Execution | Channel Marketing | Demand Generation | Content Marketing | Account-Based Marketing

CAMP IT Conferences are simply the best IT events anywhere. Dan’s intellect and attention to detail are on display when you attend one of his targeted conferences.

No one can match the breadth or depth of CAMP IT. Clients that I have referred to CAMP IT have called to thank me for the referral, offering glowing praise for the experience.

Greg Ambrose, Co-Founder / CEO, Stack Talent

Dan’s conferences are an excellent value with superb content and quality. I highly recommend Dan’s Camp IT programs. They deliver leading edge information and provide insights into the most critical issues the industry is faced with on a day-to-day basis.

Lou Leuzzi, Director Sales, Americas, relayr

Dan has constantly provided outstanding presenters and presentations to the IT community. He constantly solicits feedback from attendees to ensure that only relevant material is presented which ensures that our time is not wasted. He also does a great job balancing the needs of the vendors that supply much needed financial and information assistance. Overall, Dan supplies a great service to IT professionals not just in Chicago but, as in my case, from 150 miles away.

Robert Lewis, Chief Information Officer, RubinBrown LLP

I have attended CAMP-IT conferences organized by Dan Horwich. I have found them very educational, well attended, and a great value.

Alane Watkins, Director IT Risk Management, Gilead Sciences

I had heard great things about Dan and the CAMP IT Conferences, but did not have an opportunity to participate in one until very recently. The conference was completely as advertised: terrific. Dan and his team are on top of every detail, whether it’s insuring that the presentations have first-rate, on-topic content; or introducing just the right attendees to the speakers and sponsors. Even the breaks are well thought out!

Jim Shook, Director, Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice, Dell EMC

I have attended several Camp IT conferences over the past couple of years and have invariably found that the material presented was both focussed and valuable – actionable praxis oriented information, not theory.

In providing a venue for information exchange and networking between professionals, Dan makes an invaluable contribution to the Chicago area IT community.

Oliver Gorman, Principal, Digital Innovation at UL LLC

Dan possesses an amazing ability to acquire meaningful relationships with people. By utilizing this skill, Dan is able to assemble an expert panel on almost any subject of concern within the Information Technology field. Dan, and his efforts with CAMP IT, is an invaluable source of information that can help any decision maker in their efforts to shape the vision for technology at their firms.

Steven Carlberg, Managing Director – Infrastructure, Feeding America

Are you a CIO, CEO, CFO, Business Owner, or VP of Marketing (for example)? 

Dan is a great leader and a strong business executive who knows how to deliver results.

Dan has taken the CAMP IT offering in the North Central Region and made it an anchor to any high end technology game plan. Whether you’re a vendor looking for results, or an end user executive, CAMP IT will deliver results. Gartner Group? Storage Decisions? Don’t invest in another event if you’re a vendor or attend another technology session until you view what Dan is offering through the CAMP IT regional seminars and events.

Strong executive with integrity, ROI for both vendors and end users that exceeds expectations. An executive and a company I would recommend that anyone interested in this level of services to find a way to attend invest and be a part of the experience.

Contact direct for reference: David Klauser: 312-543-5132

David R. Klauser, Tailored solutions across all stages of data transformation optimizing application & infrastructure speed, agility, security, analytics, and TCO.

Dan is an all around great guy. One who watches out for something that might interest you and takes the effort to reachout and contact you. I’ve enjoined his conferences over the years and have increased my knowledge of relevant IT topics and issues.

Kent Anderson, Director, Service Operations, Discover Financial Services

I was pleasantly surprised when Dan found my profile on LinkedIn and asked that I participate in a panel discussion at an upcoming CAMP event on “Virtualization Strategies”. Throughout the process Dan was very personable, highly professional, organized and thorough. I had been to CAMP events before and have always found them to provide timely and valuable information at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Dan and CAMP IT Conferences to anyone.

Dean Hobart, Domain Architect, T-Systems

I have known Mr. Dan Horwich for three years, and our professional relationship has been beneficial in a multitude of ways. As President / CEO of CAMP IT, Dan stands in a league of his own. Like all who have the privilege of knowing him, I am most impressed with his professionalism, his dedication, his leadership skills, and his technical expertise. In truth, however, many share these qualities, yet Dan is unique among them for his unselfishness, his generosity of spirit and concern for those entering the field of IT. His willingness to mentor and guide those young people to prepare them as the leaders of the next IT generation is praiseworthy indeed.

Lac Van Tran, Sr. VP, CIO and Associate Dean, Rush University Medical Center

Dan’s conferences are the best! I highly recommend them. Well run and excellent audiences.

Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

I recommend Dan and CampIT Conferences. Having participated in a number of conferences, I find it both attracts a wide-range of attendees, and addresses a number of important issues. Many attendees have told me the get a lot of value from these sessions.

Mark Diamond, President & CEO, Contoural, Inc.

Dan puts on resourceful conferences, if you’re either a vendor or an IT professional, you will find CAMP IT helpful. Dan does a great job over seeing the material presented; he always has the top topics in the IT world presented without there being an underlined sales pitch. The networking times during these events are always fruitful for both sides. I would recommend everyone to attend Dan’s events.

Ryan Prendergast, Enterprise Account Manager, Cisco

I’ve worked with Dan during several CAMP IT functions now, and not only does he show a very high degree of professionalism, he adds a substantial amount of value with his customer focused approach. He has always provided our organization with guidance and feedback that allows our company to make the most of our partnership together. Dan has been a valuable trusted business partner and we look forward to working with him the future.

Dan Synwolt, Information Technology Sales Executive

Dan is recognized leader in the Chicago IT community. He has run the CAMP program for as long as I can remember. He has staked out a space in the marketplace that educates IT professionals while helping them network at the same time to advance their careers and improve the profession. He has great relationships within the community as evidenced by the agendas he puts together packed with excellent top guest speakers that draw crowds. He is both a savvy business person and a committed professional colleague respected by his peers and admired by those that have benefited from his innovation and creativity.

Patrick Moroney, CIO Chief Information Officer Central States Funds, HealthCare CIO, Transformation Leader, BOD Member, Telecom Advisor

Dan is an excellent facilitator and assembles experts to provide advice and interesting discussion on a wide variety of technology topics. I have always found something interesting and useful in attending his events. The value for the money spent is outstanding. I will definitely work with Dan again.

Gary Gorson, Chief Technology Officer, Township High School District 211

Dan has done a great job developing CAMP IT into an excellent source for both education and networking. I have attended many sessions and have found them all to be extremely well-organized with timely and relevant content.

Keith Evans, Chief Information Officer | CIO | Chief of Staff | Chief Operating Officer | Chief Administrative Officer | Strategist

Dan is a real professional. I always find the CAMP events very valuable and I attribute that to Dan. He has a sharp eye on the IT industry and is always worthwhile to talk to.

Chuck Oler, Chicago Region BMW Owners Association

I have know Dan Horwich now for over 3 years and have been a speaker at his conferences, Dan runs a great set of conferences within the IT/IS space, they deal with real world training and current issues. The CAMP-IT presentations provide an in-depth understanding of the subject matter at hand and the panel discussions provide value added with valuable insight into how my peers are using the technology in business today. I believe you get a big return on you’re investment. CAMP-IT Conferences offer an excellent forum to bring current IT/IS issues and challenges to the forefront.

Richard K Linke, VP and CSO, Global Security Management Inc.

I have worked with Dan both as a recipient of education at CAMPs classes and seminars and as a speaker at CAMP. I have attended CAMP since 1995. It has always been an excellent combination of currently pertinent topics covering the real world issues that engineers and managers need to deal with to succeed. Dan is an excellent communicator and ensures that the speakers understand what their audience is expecting and he pulls together individuals who can cover the full spectrum of the topics being presented. I highly recommend CAMP as a valuable, cost effective resource and Dan as a valuable Ally.

John J. Nootens

Dan has done a great job in growing Camp IT as a premier networking and educational organization. Dan enables the right mix of both technology and business seminars where the vendors and the IT managers can spend the time required. Camp IT offers cost effective, industry targeted seminars. Dan always solicits input and seeks ways to improve the value of his services. I would strongly recommend Dan and his organization as an excellent resource for all IT professional who want to be topical on technology.

Shouvik Dutta, CIO, MJ Holding Company, LLC

Dan is a great contributor to the IT community. I had the pleasure of working with Dan through CampIT where Dan provides a proven IT experience for those in the field. His conferences help build relationships between many IT folks in the Chicagoland area, at the same time bringing informative speakers on subjects such as DR, security, and wireless. Dan is very organized and takes the time necessary to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable experience at all his conferences. I would recommend anyone who looks to gain insight on what’s new in IT technologies to attend his conferences and would recommend Dan to anyone who has the chance to work with him.

Fred Kwong, Ph.D., Chief Information Security Officer, Delta Dental Plans Association

Dan invited me to speak at CampIT several years back and I found it to be wonderful experience. As such, my firm has participated in many subsequent conferences. The events are very well run and attended by quality executives. I have forged some great relationships with attendees and fellow speakers. I commend Dan for running great events.


I have interfaced with Dan on many levels over the past six years and highly recommend both Dan and Camp IT Conferences.

Dan is a mature sales professional – he has been extremely consistent with his high level of responsiveness, integrity and knowledge.

The Camp IT conferences, always provide a high level of subject knowledge and interaction between a diversified customer base and vendor base.

I would highly recommend working with both Dan and Camp IT Conferences – both as an end-user or vendor!

John Mulford, Regional Sales Manager, Ixia Network Visibility Solutions

Dan is an incredibly well organized individual and outstanding facilitator of executive talent. He consistently organizes impactful presenters and designs engaging agendas at each CAMP IT conference that promote valuable learning and discussion. I continue to appreciate Dan’s insightful leadership and look forward to attending future CAMP IT conferences.

Charlie Schloff, Partner, Ultra Corporation

I have known Dan for many years. I am impressed with his excellent organization and marketing skills. He runs a successful venture as the owner of CAMP -IT, a training conference company. He connects easily with CIO’s and other partner companies to make them part of the CAMP IT success story! His training approach is effective and appears to work well for all levels within any IT organization as well as variety of industry sectors. He takes good care of his sponsors. I wish him great success!!

Divakar (Dave) Kamath, Managing Director, Querion Services LLC

Dan has done an excellent job of growing CampIT in to the premier IT networking group in Chicago. We works tirelessly to ensure the quality of the CampIT events. This, in turn, provides great content to the attendees as well as very valuable networking opportunities for all those who participate. In addition, Dan is always available to help people network by making introductions and recommendations. He has been a tremendous help to me personally and I would recommend Dan and his organization to anyone looking to stay current with technology and keep their professional network alive and vibrant.

Mike Nuteson, VP of Sales at Capax Global | Co-Founder, ProjectRELO

Dan has the ability to connect those in the IT field. He has created a forum (CampIT) that many professionals have used over the years to get quickly educated in an efficient and sound fashion. I have asked Dan to help connect me to vendors that have solved numerous business problems for my company. His in depth knowledge in all of the pain points of IT has made him a invaluable resource when trying to bridge challenges that come up.

Dan has also walked the line well between his customers and the corresponding vendors that he introduces. For this reason he has been a great asset in my network to get problems resolved. Dan has an extreme high level of integrity and is well respected in the IT community.

I would highly recommend utilizing Dan’s talents in the world of IT problem solving any day of the week. It has been a pleasure working with him now and in the future.

David Braner, CIO, City of Joliet

I recommend Dan highly. His CAMP IT conferences were very well-run, in no small measure due to his attention to detail and dedication to his customers, the conference attendees. Dan’s skills in organization and professionalism are second to none, and it is a pleasure to work with him and be a speaker at his conferences.

Rob Peglar, President, Advanced Computation and Storage LLC

My first invitation to Dan was when invited to participate as a panelist at one of CAMPIT’s conferences. He has a very high sense of integrity that is evident from both his demeanor and the professionalism with which Dan conducts these events. No matter how many people come to the conference Dan seems to know them all and have kind words for everyone of them. I would recommend Dan and his conferences in a heartbeat. The quality, professionalism, and yet this sense of intimacy which is felt the minute you walk in the door. It is a testament to Dan and something that he should feel very proud of.

Mark Goetsch, Executive Enterprise Architect

I have worked with Dan at a number of his conferences. He does a good job in ensuring the right people get connected. He always discusses needs with both vendors and attendees, and works to help meet those needs.

Dave Anderson, Director, Wipro Technologies

Dan is organized, focused, and has great interpersonal skills. He is able to read people to determine how to ensure that they get the right message and value in every presentation or panel which is part of Dan’s conference. The conference topics are targeted and timely with very knowledgeable speakers. I always get a lot of value and growth from Camp IT.

Sharon DeWitt, Information and Change Management Consultant

Dan and I have teamed together at several of the CampIT functions, where I have served as panel moderator as well as corporate sponsor. His functions are consistently well attended, and on mark with current “top of mind” IT issues facing executives today. He is well organized and well respected throughout the IT industry thanks to the overall quality of CampIT.

Peter Berg, Head of Sales, Central U.S. and Canada, Virtustream

I’ve known Dan since 2005 when he invited me to speak at the CAMP Wireless/Mobile Enterprise conference. I’ve attended and spoken since every year. Dan understands what is important to the technical professional and transcribes that knowledge and business acumen to his conference agenda. I look forward to each CAMP conference I attend and believe it is valuable time spent to gauge other industry professionals and peers.

Paul Carugati, Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Self-Defense

Dan runs EXCELLENT technology-focused conferences! I’ve been attending them for years and began speaking at them in the last two years. He truly caters to the attendees by ensuring the vendors understand that the attendees want the technical info and details and not marketing fluff. This is the reason why he’s been able to attract technical, mgmt and executive level folks from all around the country. This enabled Dan to establish key relationships at many levels which allows him to obtain feedback from them and keep on top of what challenges we’re facing and what kind of topics we’re interested in. Also, the conference format is great! They’re based on a specific technology topic and being that the conferences are condensed 1-day events they’re easy to fit in anyone’s busy schedule. I’d highly recommend attending and/or speaking at CampIT conferences.

Min Ju, Distinguished Security Strategist, Symantec

I’ve attended CAMP IT for years, and Dan Horwich has consistently delivered events with timely subject matter and keen insights on the areas affecting IT professionals. More than once, while grappling with a problem, I heard about a CAMP event that was dead-on target. Dan delivers helpful, thoughtful, well-organized, and excellent programs. I highly recommend Dan and his leadership of CAMP IT.

Doug Zelinka, Business and Technology Executive | Transformational Leader

In a marketplace typified by over-promised and under-delivered value, Dan delivers as promised. Dan understands the dynamics of professional collaboration and knowledge transfer in the IT community and his CampIT sessions provide both. I’ve met fellow professionals with whom I have developed personally rewarding professional relationships. And I have learned how others have defined, attacked and solved their technology challenges, equipping me to be more successful. Dan delivers.

Rich Furst, HPC, HPDA & HTC Solutions as a Service

Dan has been phenomenal at creating an environment that allows my organization to have intimate and relevant access to IT executives in my target market. I’ve found Dan to be trustworthy and focused on my individual needs as a member of his network and his client base. I highly recommend Dan.

Kenton Bohn, Partner, The Gentry Partnership

Dan has done a tremendous job at CAMP IT over the years. From a vendors perspective, I find that Dan has been able to combine a well thought out and planned event for customers and at the same time introducing vendors to our prospective clients in a casual atmosphere. I would recommend Dan and his work at CAMP IT to everyone.

Fred Anderson, Channel Security Sales Director, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Dan organizes and conducts an excellent set of conferences around various facets of Information Technology. His ability to recognize and bring in talented speakers is unmatched resulting in presentations that provide ultimate value to attendees. His contributions to the IT community has helped improve operations at many organizations! He is a leader who has a great deal more growth potential for the future.

T. Andrew Reeder, CISSP, CISM

Dan organizes and conducts an excellent set of conferences around various facets of Information Technology. His ability to recognize and bring in talented speakers is unmatched resulting in presentations that provide ultimate value to attendees. His contributions to the IT community has helped improve operations at many organizations! He is a leader who has a great deal more growth potential for the future.

T. Andrew Reeder, CISSP, CISM

Dan organizes and conducts an excellent set of conferences around various facets of Information Technology. His ability to recognize and bring in talented speakers is unmatched resulting in presentations that provide ultimate value to attendees. His contributions to the IT community has helped improve operations at many organizations! He is a leader who has a great deal more growth potential for the future.

T. Andrew Reeder, CISSP, CISM

Dan’s CampIT events always provided me tremendous value with a way to rise of above the noise in reaching out the IT marketplace. The ROI on his conferences was time and time again above and beyond what one would expect from a local event. I used these events while at Diskeeper Corp a few years back but still today tell vendors the value they provide.

Robert Biddle

Dan is energetic, very well organized, and focused on delivering top quality IT related conferences. I have had the pleasure to present and/or be a panelist for CAMP IT on several occasions and each has been well attended and very well run. The presentation topics are relevant and the audience is highly engaged and interested in these topics. I don’t know how he does it but he really has a great knack of getting the right topics, speakers, and audience to come together at the same time. Well done!

John Von Stein, BoD | CEO | COO | CIO | Vision | Start-up | Turnarounds | Revenue & EBITDA Growth

I’ve worked with Dan over the past several years through CA’s alliance with his company, CAMP IT Conferences. During this time, I’ve come to realize that Dan is an incredibly insightful marketer with a firm grasp on the key issues facing the IT industry today. As a business partner, Dan is always a pleasure to work with and he has consistently strived to help us maximize our marketing investment to generate qualified leads for our Sales teams.

Kimberly Kaminski