Articles About CAMP from Leading IT Publications

Click through these articles to see the significance of CAMP IT® in the IT industry over the last 28 years. These articles report on past CAMP events and quote our founder, Julian Horwich.


In them, you will read endorsements from industry luminaries such as Bill Gates, Jim Manzi, Philippe Kahn, and well respected journalists Jim Seymour, Jim Louderback, Sam Whitmore, John Dodge, Spencer F. Katt, Stuart Johnston, Ed Scannell, Michael Fitzgerald, all of whom spoke at or attended CAMP events.


These articles and testimonials reflect not only the wide impact of CAMP IT® on the industry but also the career growth these and other professionals gained through CAMP IT®. Today, professionals continue to grow through our events.


“Industry Honchos Meet Customers at a Late-Summer CAMP,” PC Week, September 30, 1991

A CAMP conference in 1991 hosted Phillip Kahn, Jim Manzi, Bill Gates, and John Soyring, who debated the value of their solutions and each other’s strategies, proving CAMP was, at the time, “one of the most influential PC user groups in America.” Today, CAMP continues to attract a quality audience of leaders of top companies and high-profile thought leaders.



“Why Everyone is Gaping at Microsoft’s Windows,” Business Week, May 21, 1990

Windows 3.0, the most important product release of its time, was announced at a CAMP conference. Today, CAMP Conferences continue to introduce IT leaders to cutting-edge information and products to meet their needs.



“Shearson Lehman Brothers Technology Software and Service Bulletin,” Nov 1, 1990

This stock report by Shearson Lehman Brothers demonstrated that technology companies that presented at a CAMP event saw an increased in their stock price and net worth.



“Gates Outlines Major Plan for Future of Windows,” PC Week, November 5, 1990

At a 1990 CAMP conference, Bill Gates announced that Microsoft would soon release “object-management technology” and “tylus-driven” manipulation innovations that would revolutionize computing.



“Gates Feeds CAMPers Tasty Tidbits,” Computerworld, April 5, 1993

In 1993, Bill Gates announced at a CAMP conference that Microsoft would soon ship a beta-test version of the Windows NT operating system along with other innovations Microsoft would be rolling out before answering audience questions.



“CAMPy Exchanges,” Infoworld, September 21, 1992

In 1992, Bill Gates, Jim Manzi, and Phillippe Kahn presented their unique visions of the direction of the industry. Today, while there are no more pitches from software corporations, CAMP brings together thought leaders to discuss innovations in the IT field.



“Microsoft at Work on ‘Windows dBASE Project,” PC Week, Sept 30, 1991

At the September 1991 CAMP expo, Bill Gates gave attendees a sneak peak what would would become Microsoft Access.



“Lotus Takes Lead with Mail APIs,” Infoworld, September 30, 1991

At a 1991 CAMP conference, Lotus announced messaging interface technology that would allow communication between DOS, Windows, OS/2, Unix, and Macintosh applications. It was an attempt to preempt its rival, Microsoft, setting the standard for such technology.



“Notes from the ‘Windows Survivors’ Underground,” PC Week, November 19, 1990

In this article, speaker Jim Seymour notes that “CAMP has emerged as the largest and most powerful group of microcomputer management and support people in the country.” The event gave him the chance to talk extensively with early adopters of Windows, many of whom had severe regrets. Today, CAMP continues to bring together IT professionals from all over the country.



“User Groups Networking for Power,” Personal Computing, March 1988

“They are here to solve a specific company problem. Our people are solution-oriented. They deliver something to the corporate bottom-line,” noted CAMP Founder Julian Horwich of computer professionals in this profile of early user groups of computer professionals. As the article details, CAMP at the time brought together professionals looking to enhance their skills, solve pressing organizational needs, and learn new technologies. Today, CAMP runs conferences aimed to similarly help IT professionals further their training.



“Cannavino Searches for ThinkPad Fulfillment in the Katt’s CAMP Corner,” PC Week, September 3, 1993

In this article, the author cheekily describes product rumors uncovered at a recent CAMP trade show. At the time, CAMP ran large exhibitions where tech companies unveiled their latest and most innovative technologies. In this case, the author discusses the soon-to-be-launched and still secretive “Thurderbird” to be released by IBM.



“Gritty Tangibles Begin to Back Up Yesterday’s Visionary Recitations,” PC Week, September 13, 1993

At CAMP conferences in 1993, then Novell Chief Scientist Drew Major and then IBM Senior Vice President James Cannavino announced major innovations in their products.



“CAMP Offers Insight into the Three-Ring Circus,” PC Week, October 5, 1992

This PC Week article describes a 1997 CAMP conference where speakers Jim Manzi, then President and CEO of Lotus; Phillipe Kahn, then head of Borland; and Steve Ballmer, then Microsoft’s Worldwide VP of Marketing and Sales each presented their unique vision of the direction the computer industry is heading, and how their products will lead the way. Today, CAMP remains on the cutting edge by similarly bringing together thought leaders. Though they no longer present corporate visions, they still share insights on emerging technologies.


“Getting Your Money’s Worth from Trade Shows,” Trade Show, December 20, 1993 This 1993

InfoWorld article cites CAMP as an alternative to pitch-heavy trade shows. CAMP (at the time a user-group hosted conference) provided attendees with valuable information and training. Today, CAMP continues this tradition by offering targeted conferences with vendor-neutral presentations given by thought leaders focused on the most pressing needs of enterprise IT professionals.



“Micro Giants Duel at CAMP Conference,” Computerworld, September 21, 1992 At a 1992

CAMP conference, Microsoft and IBM presented dueling product presentations to attendees who weighed the benefits their companies would gain from adopting these technologies. Today, CAMP attendees are still decision-makers in IT departments at major corporations and continue to access cutting-edge content but are not given product presentations.



“Bill Gates Goes to CAMP,” Mac Chicago, May, June 1993

In a 1993 Keynote address, Bill Gates described the then-new, now ubiquitous graphical folder interface that Windows would begin to offer and compared it to Macintosh products to a group of CAMP conference attendees. At the time, CAMP hosted expositions of new and emerging technologies in a large pavilion. Today, CAMP attendees similarly have access to cutting-edge information but in a vendor-neutral format and a more intimate setting.


“Users Make Way for the New DOS,” Computer Decisions, December 16, 1986

CAMP founder Julian Horwich discusses major innovations in computer display and speed in this 1986 article from Computer Decisions. CAMP began as a collaborative meeting-place for computer professionals at medium to large corporations to discuss new computer technology and assess its value for their uses. Today, CAMP continues to bring together IT professionals to find solutions to their most pressing needs.