Data Breaches:  Defending Against and Responding To: Chicago


Strategies to help your organization prepare for, defend against and respond to breaches.


December 6, 2018




7 CPE / 0.7 CEU / CISSP / 7 PDU Credits Awarded


Conference location: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont (O’Hare) Illinois



It is not a matter of if, but when your organization will be breached. Against these threats, enterprises try to build higher and more secure walls around their data and networks. This seems to be a never-ending arms race, as even the most sophisticates systems may, before long, present weaknesses that malicious technology can overcome.

What You Will Learn


In this one day conference attendees will learn:

  • Prepare for Your Breach Using Big Data
  • The Evolution of Endpoint Security
  • Avoiding a Data Breach: Solutions for the Problem You Never Want to Have
  • Myths – Securing the Cloud*
  • Cyber Security & BC/DR: Recovering from Ransomware & Breaches
  • Breaches & Ransomware: How to Handle, How to Respond

Conference Program

8:00am – 9:00am: Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00am-10:00am:  Prepare for Your Breach Using Big Data


Todd Becker, Principal Consultant, Halock Security Labs
Steve Lawn, Senior Consultant, Halock Security Labs


Incident response professionals and big data show us that organizations who are hit with cybersecurity breaches are woefully unprepared. Incident response plans get the most attention as a preparedness step, but when basic capabilities such as asset inventories, log management, and risk analysis are not in place, forensics specialists have a very hard (expensive) time investigating, containing, and recovering from incidents. HALOCK will describe how to use big data to develop these basic capabilities by prioritizing efforts where incidents are most likely to occur.


Becker       Lawn

10:00am -10:30am: Refreshment Break

10:30am-11:30am:  The Evolution of Endpoint Security


Trent Greenwood, South Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, Carbon Black


We will discuss how traditional AV failed to evolve while attackers progressed. Traditional AV is no longer enough and has failed to react to the changes of attackers. There is also a lot of noise from vendors and fancy terms being thrown around and what to be on the lookout for when thinking about your endpoints.



11:30am-12:30pm:  Avoiding a Data Breach: Solutions for the Problem You Never Want to Have


Darren Guccione, CEO & Co-Founder, Keeper Security


In this presentation Darren will walk through the current cybersecurity landscape. He’ll walk the attendees through the four facets of cybersecurity so that everyone understands the current landscape we’re in, and how we got here. He will explain the existing threats, review current solutions, and take attendees on a journey to understand how Identity Access Management (IAM) can help them prevent data breaches.


Attendees will learn the threats that exist for both consumers, businesses, and customers. Darren will also provide real world examples of how a lack of IAM tools led to incredibly large data breaches. Lastly, Darren will discuss how users can get started today on protecting themselves and their companies.



12:30pm – 1:30pm Luncheon

1:30pm-2:30pm: Myths – Securing the Cloud*


Tom McKowen, Executive Consultant, US Signal


Ever wonder what you need to know to evaluate and audit the cloud?


In this session you will understand the reality of cloud security and steps you can take.



2:30pm – 3:00pm: Refreshment Break

3:00pm-4:00pm: Something Old, Something New: 2018 Attack Overview


Ben Boyd, CISO, INFOSEC Consulting, Risk Advisory Integration Partners
Jeff Sadecky, Solution Architect, Fortinet


So far, the 2018 security threat landscape has yielded a combination of tried and true techniques like ransomware (look at the attack that crippled the city of Atlanta in March) and relatively new methods like supply chain attacks (Delta Airlines, Best Buy, Sears and Kmart all suffered one in April). What other attack methods are adversaries likely to turn to this year?


Boyd        Sadecky

4:00pm-5:00pm: Breaches & Ransomware: How to Handle, How to Respond


George Harrison, NAM, Infoblox
Darin Hurd, Chief Information Security Officer, Guaranteed Rate
Mark Shipman, District Director of InfoSec, City Colleges of Chicago
Dean Sorensen, Former Security Information Officer, Cook County Health
Neal Bridges, Director, Global Incident Response & Threat Management, Abbott Laboratories
and other CISOs  from IT departments


In this session, attendees will learn from CISOs and Security Executives as to how they are working through the challenges of Data Breaches and Ransomware.


Attendees will walk away with shared strategies and tactics that other organizations are employing.


Sorensen   Hurd         Shipman      Bridges       Harrison

Conference Price: $289.00 per person


Each attendee will receive a certificate awarding 7 CPE credits for CISSP continuing education, in addition to 0.7 CEUs and 7 PDUs. CISSP is a registered certification mark of (ISC)², Inc.



As is always the case at CAMP IT Conferences events, the talks will not include product presentations.  During the continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and the luncheon break you will have the opportunity to informally meet representatives from the following sponsoring companies, who have solutions in the area of the conference.